Welcome to Planet Woman.

Alienne is a curated masterpiece collection of unscripted auditory revelations sent from a mystical misandrist with many lifetimes of experience in the realms of love, life, witchery, and womanhood.

With her many life cycles of research, experimentation, experience, and observation, it is concluded that sovereign feminine beings are truly an exclusive rarity, as they are the real divine extraterrestrials on a planet that requires us to conform.

You discovered this space for beautiful reasons beyond your human comprehension. If you are tired of being bombarded with brainwashed messages about what real women do, become an Alienne instead.

On Planet Woman, your only mission is to save yourself.

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Mystical Misandrist Musings


Sanni Lark

A childfree misandrist channeling sacred, unadulterated feminine chaos and wisdom through writing.