Normalizing All BodiesListen now (10 min) | "I don't understand why we are still attributing being lean to being healthy."
Misandrist LifeListen now (7 min) | "You are the steward of this life, and you cannot properly protect your life when you don't love it."
Advanced WitchesListen now (7 min) | "There is no point in calling yourself a witch if you're dumb."
Relationships & Elemental MagickListen now (6 min) | "Women really need to sit down every day and cultivate their minds. That self work is so important."
Lowest Hanging FruitListen now (4 min) | "There is a deeper reason why I encourage women to face the darkness."
Intentional DatingListen now (4 min) | "If I wanted to entertain a man again, I would have to ensure that they would add to the beauty that I am building in my life."
Material GworlListen now (5 min) | "The way I want to express expansion and abundance and beauty in my life is through material things."
StingyListen now (5 min) | "When they are adults they expect more intelligent adults to mother them. And they definitely do that through money."
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